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Diane Shenandoah            Sheila Applegate            Laura Riposo-Hackney
Carolsue McCue                Jan Adams                    Dr. Barbara Mettelmen
Jan Adams     Susan Fitzgerald     Janis Barth     Kristin Burns

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UnknownEARLY REGISTRATION $199:  11 workshops, 3 days, Artisan Courtyard, Complimentary Gift Bag

UnknownFRIDAY NIGHT ONLY $50:  Opening Reception, “Songs of Faith” with Diane Shenandoah plus evening meditation with Susan Fitzgerald

UnknownSATURDAY DAY ONLY $95:  Enjoy a full day of workshops with Carolsue McCue/Master Gardener, Sheila Applegate, Jan Adams, Janis Barth, and Kristin Burns

UnknownSUNDAY DAY ONLY $80:  Laura Riposo-Hackney, Dr. Barbara Mettelmen, Carolsue McCue, Jan Adams.

Class Descriptions…CLICK HERE for Times & Full Schedule!  

Songs of Faith ~ a Beautiful evening of music and message, Diane Schenandoah, Faith keeper of the Wolf clan/Oneida Nation,  will be sharing the messages of the peacemaker. So powerful with these messages of healing through forgiveness, she will sing songs to honor the women and the wisdom we  carry.

Healing Wreath ~ Make and take home a large, lush wreath of organic herbs for health that you can use for years.  If you’re not creative, it doesn’t matter….Carolsue McCue instructs and helps step-by-step.  A wonderfully fragrant, gorgeous, useful piece made with your own hands for your home or as a beautiful gift.

Renaissance Woman:  Traditional & Modern Life ~  Do you ever feel torn between the values of tradition & the values of the modern world? Do you feel like a Renaissance Woman born in the wrong era? Hear the wisdom of Award winning Author, Sheila Applegate on finding the balance between the values we feel in our souls and the values imposed by the demands of todays modern world.

The Inner Alchemist~Learn proven, powerful tools to support and enhance your ability to manifest. Jan Adams is a brilliant guide to help you understand the nature of blocks and how to experience a paradigm shift in opening the door to your genius.

What’s Your Story ~  In this workshop with Janis Barth you will learn how to find your narrative voice. We’ll talk about self-editing, which is just a way of saying you’ll learn what to leave in and what to leave out. We’ll work on how to use your senses to help narrate, how to tell a personal story without being whiney – or bragging – and how to tell someone else’s story. We’ll write a little, probably about moments, as a good starting point to think about longer stories. And we’ll read some pieces of personal essays by writers including Anna Quindlen, and take home others for inspiration. Everyone in the workshop will receive a notebook and lots of encouragement to open it up and start writing.

Rhythm Drumming; finding Your Soul’s Song ~  Come and discover easy to play rhythms with Kristin Burns, the fun & laughter that spontaneous music can bring, and how the vibrations of ancient cultures are used to heal.  All levels of experience are welcome.

Tuscan Bounty I ~ A hands-on class of entrees and desserts that Carolsue McCue gleaned from her own classes in Italy that you will make for years to come.  We make and taste generous portions throughout the class and you will receive all of the recipes from her trip and original tips from those mamas of Tuscany.  Come hungry!  Authentic lasagna, Herbal Fettucine, Spiedini de pollo, Rotolo-alla-frutta and another surprise dessert.

Through Your Child’s Eyes: Emotional Development ~ For anyone who knows or has a child with social challenges, join us for an intriguing workshop with Dr. Barbara Mettelmen.  Speaking with fearless accuracy, loving compassion, and a unique ecological perspective, listeners will have an open bridge to conversations that may otherwise never happen.  This is a rare opportunity to shift your perspective about a condition that touches many people’s lives EVERY day.

Energetic Boundaries ~ Join Laura Riposo-Hackney in experiencing energetic boundaries, and how it relates to your life. How much of your personal space do you take up? How does it effect you? Then Laura will take you on a guided meditation to the one who cares…

Potpourri Making ~ We will make 5 separate types of Carolsue’s favourite potpourri…Spiced Rum, Vanilla Cream, Victorian Rose, Northern Woods and Lavender potpourri that you will take home.  Learn where to easily find all of the fragrant ingredients and how to wrap and present.  Gorgeous gifts.

Painted Stone Mandalas ~ Join Jan Adams for the final workshop of the weekend! She will be leading a class on painting stone mandalas, helping people to discover new expressions of their Inner Artists. In common use, mandala has become a generic term for any diagram, chart or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically; a microcosm of the universe. In various spiritual traditions, mandalas may be employed for focusing attention, a spiritual guidance tool, establishing a sacred space, and as an aid to meditation.

Call (315)692-8002 for additional information or questions.

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 Founded in November 2010, The Beattie Sanctuary & Arboretum is a private wildlife farm located on 27 acres in the heart of central New York.
Explore our unique history, diverse forest, natural meadow, migrating wild birds, master gardens, 3 Koi ponds, observation “pods”, a natural Labyrinth, fruits, berries, a beautiful creek, and amazing habitats for people and animals.
Life at the Sanctuary revolves around building a long lasting relationship of wellness and abundance through nature and the community.  Private Garden Tours, Gourmet Getaways, renting Meditation Pods, creating nature/forest art, special occasions or scheduling an event ~EMAIL or CALL(315)692-8002.  CLICK HERE for more information

National Certifications:     NWF Certified Wildlife Habitat & Advanced Wild Bird Habitat, & Colossal Monarch Way Station


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