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photoCONSCIOUS GROOMING: Massage & QiGong for Horse and Rider |12:30 – 5 pm| $50

A Hands on workshop  introducing the fascinating history of the origins of massage, conscious grooming, varied types of massage techniques, easy to practice QiGong, and how to discern what’s personally most beneficial for both horse and rider!  This workshop is designed to give participants understanding, reasons and philosophies in a simple, easy to apply format.  A generously detailed information package has plenty of space for notes and comprehensive pictures for future reference.  Workshop is held at Mystical Acres Farm in Pompey Hills.

401072_10200540777815830_976574560_nOctober 26…..
ANIMAL SPIRIT GUIDES:  Understanding Our Natural Connections |1 – 4:30 | $30 (A Portion of your Registration is donated to Sunshine Horse Rescue)Unknown

“In everyday language, Animal metaphors abound ~ the stock market is either bull or bear, someone is busy as a beaver, you may be trying to outfox someone because your idea sounds fishy, so once they find you out, you’ll have to eat crow!” (Steven Farmer, PhD.)   We are surrounded by the Animal Kingdom and their amazing ability to permeate our everyday lives.  Chance encounters, 264017_493313980681891_1605336781_ndreams, or repetitive sightings are ways that animals convey their messages.  Learn how to better understand the physical and spiritual forms that Animals use to permeate our consciousness.  Learn a variety of skills and meditations to explore your relationship with Animals.  By the end of the workshop, you will also be able to identify your Power Animal and Spirit Guides, along with the domesticated Ambassadors who compel you to keep listening!



10277650_787101414634785_3737458692148419637_nCOMING NOVEMBER 7, 8 & 9 !!!  

WISE WOMEN SPEAK:  Preserving Life’s Sacred Gifts

Singing by Diane Shenandoah, Herbal Arts with Carolsue McCue, Inner Alchemy & Stone Art with Jan Adams, Renaissance Women with Sheila Applegate, Rhythms with Kristin Burns, Writing with Janis Barth, Kimberly’s Ice Cream, Lune Chocolat chocolates, Vegetarian Delights….. CLICK HERE for the full weekend Schedule!  

UnknownEARLY REGISTRATION $199 ~ 11 WORKSHOPS, 3 DAYS, ARTISAN COURTYARD, COMPLIMENTARY GIFT BAG, save $50 (price good until October 25!)

In Ancient & Modern cultures, Women hold a treasured role of story telling, teaching, passing along time honored and social traditions.  Todays chaotic schedules and ways of life depletes our reservoirs, leaving us challenged to “lead the world out of confusion and back to order”.  When conditions are difficult and energy scarce, we need a source of sacred fuel to build strength while navigating life’s journey! Join us for a weekend RETREAT of workshops filled with music, yoga, art, nature, writing and laughter!  Come take refuge for a weekend finding mutual support, encouragement, and balance from kindred souls.  You have unlimited access to workshops all weekend ~ come for a few or come for all…..we welcome the gift of your presence! Call (315)692-8002 for additional information or questions.

FRIDAY 6 – 9pm, SATURDAY 8am – 7pm, SUNDAY 9am – 3 pm ~ 11 Workshops, Artisans Courtyard, Vegetarian Delights from The Beattie Sanctuary Kitchen, Sweet treats from Kimberly’s Ice Cream, and decadent chocolates from Lune Chocolat !


4157942_orig10509724_742043132506292_2763627401818505876_n Kristin Burns, LMT


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 Founded in November 2010, The Beattie Sanctuary & Arboretum is a private wildlife farm located on 27 acres in the heart of central New York.
Explore our unique history, diverse forest, natural meadow, migrating wild birds, master gardens, 3 Koi ponds, observation “pods”, a natural Labyrinth, fruits, berries, a beautiful creek, and amazing habitats for people and animals.
Life at the Sanctuary revolves around building a long lasting relationship of wellness and abundance through nature and the community.  Private Garden Tours, Gourmet Getaways, renting Meditation Pods, creating nature/forest art, special occasions or scheduling an event ~EMAIL or CALL(315)692-8002.  CLICK HERE for more information

National Certifications:     NWF Certified Wildlife Habitat & Advanced Wild Bird Habitat, & Colossal Monarch Way Station


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