The Beattie Sanctuary and Arboretum

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“The two most important days of your life are the day you’re born and the day you figure out why”  ~ Mark Twain

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548190_448433211843473_1302541463_n226468_553015391385254_1090850167_nSANCTUARY~ a sacred,  or holy place to contemplate, deeply.  Create your own retreat, where the flora, fauna, animals, food & company offer an amazing way to rejuvenate!   Gather a group of friends for a weekend getaway, go on a scavenger hunt, create nature crafts, bake or cook some culinary delights, relieve stress with yoga or Qigong.  We have lots of ideas and experience, BUT, we’re more interested in YOUR IMAGINATION ~ Schedule a day or overnight retreat, call (315)692-8002 or email: ~

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