The Beattie Sanctuary and Arboretum

FullSizeRenderIMG_3331IMG_3352IMG_3326FullSizeRender-2To retreat means to find refuge, seclusion, & privacy. Immunity is afforded by the refuge found in a sanctuary ~ a sacred,  or holy place.  Create your own retreat at our Sanctuary, where the flora, fauna, and animals take you on a memorable journey, guided by our Team Sanctuary relaxation specialists!  Gather a group of friends to walk the gardens, go on a scavenger hunt, create nature crafts, bake or cook some culinary delights.  We have lots of ideas but we’re more interested in your imagination ~ call or email today!

  Revitalize! 8-8-15August 8 | 1 – 4 pm | Revitalize! Rebalance! | $40 per person | facilitated by Alicia Mooney


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Enjoy a colorful, experiential afternoon including a centering and simple daily routine for stability and wellness!

 HIGHLIGHTS OF Joseph Pepper Piano House Concert Summer 2015

11168582_929701440424932_5854055927078045422_n11755651_929701167091626_4813244613465908513_n11252691_929701313758278_7724955569035022757_n11709590_929701390424937_7671957458217795056_n11214288_929701183758291_8896656513550747419_nIMG_3509IMG_3513With the help of Team Sanctuary (Jim Fitzgerald, Nate Secord & Laurie Venditti), the gardens & flowers danced in the (very) warm sunshine as we leisurely toured around the south side of the main house.  Guests listened to the story of how the animals leave our gardens and flowers alone, enjoying the habitats and feeding stations that we cultivate all around the Sanctuary’s 27 acres!  We nibbled on fresh roasted vegetables (Common Thread CSA), fresh raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, peaches, watermelon, & apricots (Navarino Orchards), fresh Gouda Cheeses (Jake’s Gouda Cheese), sipped FoJo Beans Coffee while devouring the Ghiardelli chocolate brownies, coconut & peanut brittle! (Better Brittle)  Finding comfortable seats, we settled in for a brilliant musical journey by the tender hands of Joseph Pepper.  Without referring to any sheet music, we were mesmerized by the impressive works and free flowing hands that traversed up and down the 1946 Steinway baby grand!  We look forward to another stunning performance in the fall ~ stay tuned!

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