The Beattie Sanctuary and Arboretum


FullSizeRender-2This summer provided an amazing growing season here at our Sanctuary.  Our newest perennial gardens were fertile enough for transplanted varieties to thrive and blossom through early November!  We are grateful for the abundance of herbs and vegetables that the  raised beds and terrace pots provided, drying the many varieties of scented geraniums, lemon verbena, lemon balm, catmint, and more.  When steeped into shea butter, infused into avocado or grape seed oil, or added to food,  these blends provide the purest healing elements that nature has to offer.  Blend these gifts of Mother Earth together and you have arrived at our Sanctuary Wellness Bar ~ an eclectic variety IMG_1776of the “elements of good life”. Fresh cultivated herbal teas, scented sugars, healing salves, fresh roasted local coffees, are all available IMG_1892for group events and individuals seeking personal wellness consultations.

We are taking advantage of the changing seasons to create unique programs for 2015!  Please stay tuned for our New Year’s schedule including;
Wellness Days, Retreats, & Cooking Lessons

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 Founded in November 2010, The Beattie Sanctuary & Arboretum is a private wildlife farm located on 27 acres in the heart of central New York.
Explore our unique history, diverse forest, natural meadow, migrating wild birds, master gardens, 3 Koi ponds, observation “pods”, a natural Labyrinth, fruits, berries, a beautiful creek, and amazing habitats for people and animals.
Life at the Sanctuary revolves around building a long lasting relationship of wellness and abundance through nature and the community.  We specialize in the art of creating memorable Retreats!

National Certifications:     NWF Certified Wildlife Habitat & Advanced Wild Bird Habitat, & Colossal Monarch Way Station


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